Car Brands You Can Know Without Seeing Your Logo

past, automobile brands have been working to distinguish them easily from their competitors. Brands usually do this with small details. Among these are the brands that are recognized by the small details that everyone knows, such as BMW Ranger Rover, the car's design from the smallest details of the brands are known. KIA, Hyundai, Renault, BMW, Jeep, MINI models such as the details that will allow you to easily understand the models. Introducing automobile brands and classic design elements that you can recognize at a glance.

Range Rover

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Range Rover has been tilting windows as front and rear as possible for years. In addition, Range Rover brand vehicles between the bonnet length and ceiling length is close to 1.5 times. However, the most prominent feature of the brand out of all this, the grille that extends along the headlamp group.


BMW-brand vehicles on-how-are-understood

BMW, from the state of Bavaria in Germany and aiming to sell premium vehicles to the world, BMW has been continuing to design elements for years. In fact, if we had dealt with the subject of engine here, we could have added the rear propulsion technology, which has been regarded as the trademark of the brand for years. However, this feature has already become a thing of the past with the front-wheel-drive BMW 2 Series. BMW is known for its so-called kidney grille design, as well as its glowing colors. The kidney grille design, which can be seen in any model from i3 to 7 Series, is the signature of the brand.


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British-origin MINI is known for its small but sporty models. Produced since the 1950s, the MINI is characterized by headlights that move in a cylindrical shape and appear to be flying out of the vehicle. Round headlights with headlights complement the headlamp housing and become MINI's signature. In fact, as you can see in the lit 7 Imitation Cars lit infographics that we published earlier, there is a similarity between the Lifan 320 and MINI models. The main reason for this situation is the design of the headlamp that looks almost identical.


kia-brand-araclar-how-are understandable

KIA, especially known in Turkey with vehicles such as the Sorento and Sportage. The detail that highlights the vehicles is its characteristic and framed grille. The grill, which has recesses in the level of logo with plate, reflects the contemporary structure of the brand to the end with its framed design.


Hyundai-brand vehicles on-how-are-understood

Hyundai, which means “modern inde in Korean language, manages to make a name with its deserving designs. Especially the hexagonal form of the grille used in vehicles in recent years was one of the most prominent features of Hyundai. Hyundai's position of the LED daytime running lights close to the grille is the most important sign that this design will continue in the coming years.


Renault-brand-araclar-how-are understandable


Renault, one of the brands established in the early 1900s and still continuing its production today, has welcomed users with many different design details over the years. However, the C-shaped LED headlamps, which have been applied in almost every vehicle in recent years and have received much acclaim, are probably the most interesting details since the past. Especially with Megane, the C-shaped LED daytime running lights, which have been able to enter the eyes of the car lovers, evoke the innovative ideas that Renault has maintained since the past.


Jeep-brand vehicles-are-how-are understandable

When we combine the concepts of exclusive and automobile to Kaynak Nevi, the Jeep brand appears. The Chrysler Group, which owns a brand and brand with a strong enough background to commemorate a segment with its own name, first merged with Daimler AG, the owner of Mercedes Benz. Later, he joined FIAT Group. In spite of all these things, the brand's grid-shaped grids have never changed and are still helping the brand build cars that are recognized from the outside.

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